6 weeks to a happier, healthier relationship with food and your body.

No more obsessing over numbers or percentages. No more having to constantly think about and stress over food choices all day long. Peace with food. Peace with your body. 

This is all possible, and we want you to have it. 

Created by two Registered Dietitians who specialize in intuitive and mindful eating, Joyful Eating, Nourished Life is a virtual 6 week group program that teaches you how to get healthy in a sustainable  way - without calorie counting, restricting, or missing out on your favorite foods. 

We created this program because we want to help. If you're here, it's likely because you feel stressed out by food, overwhelmed by nutrition advice, and struggle with guilt around your food choices. We want to show you that there is a way to eat that does not involve restriction and rules, success or failure, or stress about food or exercise. 


We have helped hundreds of clients to develop positive relationships with food - but we know that not everyone can afford to spend thousands of dollars to work with a dietitian one-on-one.

So - we have taken everything we've learned from our private clients and turned it into a comprehensive program at a fraction of the price. You'll get the tools and actionable step-by-step materials you need to make food joyful rather than stressful - and to actually be able to sustain this approach long term. 

Throw away your diet books - it's time for something new. 

If you are:


  • Overwhelmed by conflicting diet advice

  • Feeling guilty when eating your favorite foods

  • Tired all the time despite trying to eat healthy and exercise

  • Scared to trust yourself around certain foods

  • Feeling unhappy with and uncomfortable in your own body

  • Turning to food when feeling stressed or sad

  • Out of touch with hunger and fullness cues

  • Eating healthy for awhile, then binging and eating out of control

  • Sick and tired of calorie counting and following rigid diets that leave you feeling exhausted, depleted and like a failure because they just don't work!


This is the program for you. 


Rather than introducing restrictions into your life, we’ll instead challenge the way you interact with food and exercise and create awareness of the emotions behind those decisions. 


Ready to awaken the joyful eater inside and commit to a balanced, nourished life? After participating in this program you will:

Increase awareness of your physical and emotional cues

Choose food for both pleasure and nourishment

Conquer fitness fears and create a routine you enjoy

Learn how to indulge

without feeling guilty

Recognize your non-

hunger triggers for eating

Effectively plan satisfying, stress-free meals

Practice self-love and compassion

Ditch stressful dieting

and calorie counting

Learn to nourish your emotional needs without food

Understand which foods make you feel best

Begin or strengthen a meditation practice 

Improve digestion, mood, energy, and wellness

Our program is PACKED with the best science-backed strategies and tools for building a healthier relationship with food and your body, one week at a time. 


  • In week 1, you will start to get in tune with your body's hunger and fullness cues, noticing patterns in your current eating habits that may be setting you up for emotional or mindless eating. 

  • In week 2, you'll learn how to plan balanced and satisfying meals without hours of prep - and how to re-introduce foods you love that have been off limits.

  • In week 3, you'll begin to separate food and feelings, learning how to nourish yourself without food and how to turn overeating situations into learning opportunities. 

  • In week 4, you'll nurture a more mindful approach to eating - and learn how to go out to eat without guilt or deprivation. 

  • In week 5, you'll create a fitness routine you love rather than dread; you'll also begin to improve your body confidence and focus on self-care. 

  • In week 6, you'll foster self-love, learn how to stop negative thoughts in their tracks, and prepare to grow through inevitable future setbacks and bumps along the road. 


Here’s a sneak peek at some of the weekly content:


  • The Joyful Eating Journal, a calorie counting free (yay!) food journal designed to help you discover the “whys” behind your unwanted eating habits.

  • A simple, flexible and fuss free template for planning meals with staying power. No more battling the hangry monster (or spending hours in the kitchen)!

  • Strategies for navigating social eating situations, including parties, going out to eat and holidays, without overeating or feeling deprived.

  • An emotional eating worksheet that teaches you to nourish your soul and deal with negative emotions without food.

  • Tools for ditching the "all or nothing" and "good food/bad food" mentalities.

  • Strategies to stop exercising for calorie burn and start to create a fitness routine that gets you excited to strap on your running shoes (or roll out your yoga mat!).

  • Tools for building body confidence so you can love the skin you’re in. After all, you can’t take good care of something you hate.

  • A worksheet with strategies for understanding and responding to binges and overeating. 

  • An exercise in self compassion, so you can learn from inevitable struggles and create a plan for next time.

It's never too late to take charge of your life again.


Let us help you ditch the guilt and stress and awaken your inner joyful eater!

Not sure yet if this program is for you? Click here to read testimonials from past participants of this program. 

Meet the Dietitians
Frequently Asked Questions

Will I lose weight from this program?


Joyful Eating, Nourished Life is NOT a weight loss or a short term diet program.


We’re concerned with your eating and lifestyle habits and how you feel, not the scale. There is a very important reason for that - it’s because focusing on weight is a distraction that can prevent you from learning to eat intuitively. It also promotes unsustainable and unhealthy behaviors and attitudes towards food.


More than anything, we want you to feel confident and happy in your own skin - but that does not come from a number on the scale. It comes from practicing body kindness and nourishing your body well!


This program will give you the skills you need to attain your happy weight, whatever it might be. Your happy weight is the weight your body naturally settles when you’re nourishing it with mostly whole foods, paying attention to hunger and fullness cues and leaving room for occasional mindful indulgences. If you’re currently above your happy weight, as is often the case for those that struggle with binging, this program will help you lose weight over time. But if you’ve been restricting your intake for a long time, you may gain weight to reach your happy weight.


There are tons of programs out there offering quick fix solutions, but they aren’t sustainable, and making dieting and exercise your full time job will not leave you feeling very joyful, nourished, or fulfilled. Do you really want to live life in a constant battle with your body?


We’ve included self love and body confidence exercises in our program to help you appreciate and make peace with your body for where it is in this moment. After all, you can’t take good care of something you hate.



Will this program work if I’m vegetarian/vegan/gluten free/etc?


Yes! Because we focus on patterns of eating, not a specific diet, this program is absolutely adaptable to a variety of dietary preferences. Rather than including a cookbook with very specific recipes and ingredients, we included formula meals, which are essentially blueprints. Because you have control over the ingredients, it’s easy to adapt to your needs and food likes/dislikes. Each formula recipe comes with multiple variations and we did our best to include as many gluten free, vegetarian, vegan and dairy free options as we could.

That said, we are trying to get away with labels with this program. While we understand many people follow specific diets for ethical or medical reasons and are 100% completely supportive of that, there are also many people who follow these same diets as a way of controlling their weight or ‘eating clean’. This has the same outcome as calorie counting - you’ll initially lose weight and maybe even feel better because you’re cutting out a lot of processed foods. But arbitrary rigid rules aren’t sustainable and will likely lead to an unhealthy relationship with food.


With this program, you’ll get in touch with what food feels best for you personally so you can discover an eating pattern that works for you!



Will this program work for people of all ages?


Yes, absolutely. You are never too old to improve your relationship with food and your body, and we welcome participants of all ages (and genders).



Is this program appropriate for someone with an eating disorder?


No, this program is not appropriate for those struggling with active eating disorders, or for those in the early stages of their recovery that are still at a low body weight. Recovering from an eating disorder requires one-on-one nutrition counseling, therapy, and a medical team, none of which are provided in this program.

This program is appropriate for those struggling with more mild forms of disordered eating, however, such as yo-yo dieting, guilt around food, and/or occasional binge eating that does not include purging. 

Questions or concerns?

Reach us at: joyfuleatingprogram@gmail.com

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